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  • D

    I sometimes just want to have a little screen time, but are quite strict with screen time on my toddler so I hide my phone in a book and pretend to read…

  • Siyah

    I once accompanied my wife with our then 4 week old to assess a few student presentations for work and while in the car, our daughter made the worst poop I’d ever seen. I had to make a decision right there and then since it even got onto her clothes. I had to throw the […]

  • Mama Zee

    On nights when I’m exhausted, I just let baby cry it out.

  • Liyo

    My Alarm – that’s how i describe my 1 month old son. He wake me at 12 midnight and 3 & 5am with his loudest cry indicating that “hey mom its nappy time” and with the spring temperature increase he even wakes up at 7am crying because sometimes he would sweat then we have to […]

  • Khethi

    Breastfeeding my baby is my real moments confession. I feel so much closer to him during breastfeeding and I also enjoy watching him suck and smile at me as if he’s passing me a message. I have to stop breastfeeding now and start bottlefeeding, I am not ready and it is stressing me🥺. I love […]

  • Bronwyn

    My baby is currently 3 months old. Every time I change his diaper I like to smell his little toes. It has really become a thing and i just cant help myself. He likes it as well. He will smile when I smell them and pretend they stink and wiggle them. Sometimes they do smell […]

  • MamaTlolo

    My daughter’s firsts words were “Papa”, even now at 8 months she’s still saying “Papa”. When I teach her to say “mama” she laughs at me! I sometimes feel sad but I’m proud of her milestones.

  • The Great Poo-nami

    For me it was a diaper disaster in the middle of a grocery store. Trust me, when you open a diaper and it’s like a mini volcano erupted, you learn what you’re made of. Wipes everywhere, a soiled onesie, & a lesson in humility later, I emerged from the restroom a war-hardened dad. Messy? Absolutely. […]

  • Pamella

    With both my children I’ve realised that if they think I’m still asleep in the early hours of the morning they usually will fall back to sleep, so If they wake up around 5am I pretend to be deep into sleep and 80% of the time it works and I get atleast an hour more […]

  • Fifi

    My daughter was just 6months old when she just wouldnt stop crying unless she’s on someone’s arm, it got so bad that I thought of just running away and never returning , I just told myself to breathe , put her on her playpen on the floor and switched the cd player, sudenly she went […]