Category: Confessions

  • Bless

    I thought it was chocolate, it was actually poop😭 My daughter has been doing well in her potty training. She can now do both number 1&2 successfully in her potty. Last week we went Easter egg hunting and she’d she’d run to me with excitement that she’d found yet another Easter egg. Little did I […]

  • Stef

    I’m a single mom of 2 children. I have been unfortunate enough to be left to do both pregnancies and then raising my boys by myself, its so hard to be a single mom. Between the worries of being good enough and the financial strain, it gets so overwhelming, by the grace of God I’ve […]

  • JayMamma

    My little girl loooves eating! But does she like eating with a bib on? Of course not, but does she like eating her bib when it is on, of course yes! So I caved, took off the bib; as that was gobbled more often than the spoonful of yummy Butternut Purity. (Sigh) & we ended […]

  • angie

    Was art and crafts time , got the paint out and was having a ball.. My hubby was painting the house at the same time , things got messy and mixed up! She ended up helping by painting the doors and floors!

  • Candice

    When i started my little girl’s potty training journey. We kept on removing the nappy and when we weren’t looking she would go potty on the floor every time, making us feel hopeless. Until she came to me one day and asked me to help her take her pants and nappy off, me thinking i […]

  • A learning mom

    When I gave birth to my now 2 month old, my 3 year old would cry at school everyday. Her teacher said, she never saw my toddler like this before and I explained to her that I just had another baby and my 3 year old is overly emotional.  I felt like I was neglecting […]

  • Lee

    When I dance and sing for baby to sleep every time, even at 3am in the morning. The extra early morning smiles and cuddles are perfectly the best

  • Jess

    When it’s finally weekend and your 15 month old is singing at 5am on a Saturday morning or when dad is looking for the TV remote and finds it in the bin because our little girl has discovered the flap/bin opening! Or when you have a crazy hectic day at work and you see that […]

  • Zizi

    My imperfectly perfect moment is when I shout at my baby because I do not have the patience but as soon as I calm him down and he is fast asleep, I see his cuteness and innocence and I’d apologies to him as mommy was not nice to him.

  • Kelly

    I have a 4 year old son and a 3 month old daughter and everyday is a challenge for me. I hardly ever get dressed, most of the time in my PJ’s. My son always have like a million questions about things he already know. My daughter loves being in my arms. I might not […]